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Hello Blockdrop!

I am excited to be bringing you another great update to the Blockdrop Network. Opening tomorrow will be the 1st release of the new Arcade style mini games system. But what does this mean? read below!

Is this just the old mini games but with their own lobby?
No! We think that every game has to have some kind of progression. Most servers have smaller games (SkyWars, bedwars etc) with no prizes, no real reason for actually winning a game. Most of the time even if they offer prizes, they are either pointless, or only useable on that specific game mode. We noticed this and decided to make these smaller games a whole lot more fun. We have added back the Enderdust merchant and customised it to work great with the Arcade games. This means that every time you win a game In any of the arcade games, you will win Enderdust. This Enderdust can be used to purchase gadgets/suits/emotes etc in the lobby and those items can also be used across the whole network of Arcade games. We think that this bring all of the Arcade games together greatly as-well as adding some purpose and goals to these game modes.

Will it be the same game modes?
No. Over time we will be updating the game modes to more modern and less pvp based game modes. Starting on Friday with 'Murder Mystery' (I know a lot of people are going to be hyped for that!) and then continuing into the future. If you have any ideas for great new Arcade games then please comment them on this thread!

Can I still buy a rank?
No. Ranks have gone off sale and the only items you can get are the cosmetic items. These cosmetic items do not effect game play and this means that you won't be getting killed by a donator because they have better items than you. We think that keeping everything fair and even is important for Arcade games.

If you have any other questions then feel free to comment below.


Hello Internet Minecraft Peoples!

Today I have exciting news that I know a lot of people have been waiting for. A new factions season is upon us!

As always with factions, we keep the main core of our features, the ones that work and that people get used to and rely on. We have removed a few things and also added a lot of new and exciting things that we think you will love! Anyone who has a donator rank will be pleased to know that we will be re-adding the /kit reward only for factions, to make sure we have a big and fun opening day!

The new season will start on Friday 28th September at around 8am in west coast time.

Just a few of the new features/changes include:
  • Bounty and XP merchant have been removed!
  • Watchdog accuracy improved significantly.
  • Enderpearls are unbanned.
  • Iron Golems now die instantly and dont drop roses.
  • /Alerts added to give you factions alerts for things like broken blocks in your claim or members logging in..
  • Genbuckets have been added with 5 different materials. These let you instantly build walls and help build bases much quicker.
  • The in game free ranks have been massively buffed and now come with cool features like /smelt or /Jellylegs (no fall damage).

Plus much more!

Those that have been on Blockdrop for a while may notice that releasing factions before the new City Life update is unusual. The reason for this is that the city life update is BIG. I want to keep it a surprise but il just say that the map is getting a lot bigger, with multiple islands. As you can see, we have lots to get excited about on Blockdrop!

Thank you for reading. I can’t wait to be online and see everyone joining and being excited about the new things. That free and fresh feeling of starting from scratch on factions is so exciting.


Hello Blockdrop!

After having regular staff on factions and seeing the reduction of hackers and increase in players being happy with the situation, I think its clear that it has been positive for factions so we will be doing the same in other game modes.

The number of new staff recruits that we are looking for is:

Factions: 5 new staff
Skyblock: 8 new staff
City Life: 5 new staff
Prison: 4 new staff

This all means that people applying fort staff right now have the highest chance of being accepted ever so I encourage anyone to apply.

We will be recruiting over the next few weeks, good luck!

Also, in other news, we have BIG news of a new release coming this Wednesday!