Players Online

Hello Blockdrop!

Some of you may be having issues connecting today. This is because we are currently updating our DNS setting so for the next 12-24 hours you may see some connection issues depending on what part of the world you are in. The easiest way to bypass this issue is to connect directly to in your MC client.

This will all be fixed by tomorrow so don't worry!


Hello Internet Peoples!

A big day is upon us! Today is the day of the new Skyblock release.

As you may have noticed, Skyblock was ready for a reset. It was extremely laggy and a lot of players ended up with so much things that it started to get boring so we decided to do a reset.

This was the perfect time to do a bunch of great addons and updates. I am so excited to see what everyone thinks to the new Skyblock.

The list of things that we changed is:

  • A whole new spawn, shop and pvparena.
  • Spawner prices increased to make it more competitive.
  • Player shops added (more on this below).
  • Made it so that players don’t take damage on other islands.
  • Add island level in chat name
  • Island team limit change from 4 to 8
  • Add new starter islands
  • New Featherboard
  • New /warp help and a tutorial
  • Added 1.13 compatibility
  • Increase in backend stability to reduce lag

The new player shops will enable people to make their own shop to automatically buy and sell items on their island. The reason that these packages are not free is because they create a lot of server stress. Having people pay for them is a great way to limit the number of people that use them and this is better for everyone as it makes 0 lag. The money that we receive from the sale of these packages will also go towards more ram for the server, therefore helping offset the extra ram that the packages would use.

I hope everyone enjoys the new Skyblock!

As usual, if you notice any bugs then just pm me with the info and I will get it all fixed asap!


Hello Blockdrop!

Just a quick update to let you know whats going on and what we have planned. I know you guys are busy so I will keep it short!

We have big updates planned for Factions, Skyblock, City Life and Survival all planned to launch soon (this does not mean definite resets) we also have a bunch of new staff that will be ready for action within the next few weeks.

Plans to update the network to include Minecraft version 1.13 are ready and waiting for as soon as it is officially released by Mojang and I have been spending the past few weeks fixing little bugs etc in the game modes.

If anyone wants to apply for staff then please do, now is a great time and also if anyone has any bug reports that they want to get fixed then feel free to pm me here on the forums.

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing Blockdrop and thanks for being 1 of us!