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Where did the arcade go?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jun 9, 2019.

By Tree182 on Jun 9, 2019 at 1:46 AM
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    Hello Blockdrop.

    I suspect some of you may have seen mini games vanish and be wondering what happened.

    As many of you may know, mini games is a game mode that requires constant updating in order to stay relevant. People get easily bored of small arcade games. I think this is different to the normal game modes that people like to get invested in and spend a long time building a base/house etc and getting fully involved in the economy.

    My thinking behind this is that by removing the mini games that not many players use, I am free to focus a lot more time on the main 5 game modes that a lot more people use all of the time. I think this is important and I think that this is the best way for me to spend my time in a way that will positively effect the most players.

    This means that from now on, updates and bug fixes to the main 5 game modes can be much faster. It also means that we can work on making the games more cross compatible with things like making a good anticheat becoming easier now that we only have make it work on a specific few game modes.

    All in all, (unless you are 1 of the very few people who only played the arcade) this decision will be an extremely positive one for you as a player and will help keep the server up to date, fun and interesting.

    Thanks for reading.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jun 9, 2019.

    1. Fantastischerm
      But wheres CityPrison?
    2. iiDuckUnicorn
      Removed cause little people played you can go prison and do /city prison I believe

      Also tree revive skyblock plez
    3. Fantastischerm
      do the cmmd in Prison u cant connect thats why im askin, ik where it goes, but i cant connect via prison and the cmmd
    4. NoX_GaMinG
      ct pris is too laggy thats why
    5. BossDragon64834
      WHAT!? this is outrageous! I LOVED arcade games! Escpecially murder mystery! pls pls pls pls at least consider bringing arcade back.
    6. CounterTerrorist
      In my opinion.

      That wasn't a very good move.
    7. MissClutch
      bring back creative!
    8. Nye_
      Oof. Can I get some F's for Arcade? (And Creative.......)
    9. CounterTerrorist
      Paid respects.

    10. Antoniorigo
      tree adds creative long time ago
      tree removes creative when someone placed a wurst hotdog
      tree adds creative because he is getting raided with posts saying to add creative again
      tree removes creative because someone placed a impacted cola block
      CounterTerrorist likes this.
    11. Rorutop
      Nooooooo BuildBattle and Murder Mystery is my favorite game :((((((
    12. XxX_Ernickex_XxX
      @Tree182 now no one will join the server with no minigames and why on forums there are MiniGames???If any of the minigames wont come back more and more people will leave the server like my murder mystery friends they said they are now bored of the server and they wont join again if minigames wont come back and i might leave if they wont come back
    13. XxX_Ernickex_XxX
      annnd Tree182 you see that no one likes this update :p
    14. EmeraldClone
      Tree as a long time player of this server, may I suggest a few ideas?
      Noted that I'm not knowledgeable of the current staff team and other criteria. (Please tell me if there's Admin, Jr. Mod, helper, builder or any "staff rankings)

      You say that there is a lot of updating and attention needed to sustain a popular game mode. I'm not sure if thinks have changed and that you given the staff team more trust but you should.

      From what I can tell on forums, there is 14 staff members. You say that there is 5 main active game modes at this time.
      I suggest an input of 2 mods assigned to each of the game modes. One would be head mod given the experience and activeness on the gamemode. The other would do any other staff would do like banning hackers and reporting bugs.

      5 gamemodes, one head mod and a junior mod on the other. That is ten staff members down.
      These 4 remainder staff members would have the most important roles on the staff team. I would suggest two admins and two builders.
      Like the other system, there would be a head admin and a head builder.
      The admins would be responsible in regulating all 5 gamemodes with the help of the mods. The admins will also be responsible for hosting events, given the owner's knowledge and consent of course. The admins and the owner would discuss on things like the anti-cheat, bugs and publicity for the server. The admins would be someone that Tree has known for a long time and can trust them with the responsibility/perms to run the server when Tree is offline and busy. I would suggest that @Symez be one of them as he is Tree's brother and the other could be krstevski37 or MadisonHater101 as I have known both of these two for a long time now and have been loyal to the server
      The builders and the owner will be the ones that discuss the future layouts on maps/builds/plugins and etc.

      Again take all this with a grain of salt as I have no idea how the staff team is set up but from the vibe I got on Tree's message, he is overburden with so much responsibility for the server. If he lays a lit bit of trust and responsibility of the server to the staff team, arranging a system like I suggested above or something else, I believe that the server will have great strides ahead. Like this if you agree with me and comment if you have any ideas to improve upon mine.
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    15. MadisonHater101
      We have 21 staff.
    16. EmeraldClone
      Hi Madi, and thanks for the info.
    17. Rorutop
      What server that does has BuildBattle? I dont prefer blocksmc because there are 2 problems
    18. EmeraldClone
      Please don't advertise other servers.
    19. Rorutop
      i dont think it was advertising i just want to ask

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